Do you know our new Wild Flowers Creamy honey?

We present you our new Wild Flowers Creamy honey! Creamy, delicious, 100% natural bee honey!

Enjoy a truly healthy food straight from the ground to your table made without preheating on a freshly harvested natural honey with all its nutritional and healing properties intact without any kind of chemical procedure or additive.

Suitable for providing the perfect touch of sweet taste to all kinds of preparations: cold or hot drinks (infusions, soft drinks, juices), breakfasts and snacks, ice creams, dairy products, fish, white meats, desserts (fruits with honey. orange, strawberries, apple, banana, pineapple…).

How is our honey from Wild Flowers?

Multi-flower, poly-flower or mil-flower honey is the type of honey produced when bees have pollinated in fields with different types of flowers, without any of them being predominant. Our Vivaorganique Thousand Flower Honey is made by our bees from the nectar of several Mediterranean wild flowers. The hives are located in organic fields and the honey is harvested in March and April.

Our organic Wild Flowers Vivaorganique honey has a fairly light colour with reddish tones, a faint floral aroma and a sweet taste. An exquisite honey with all its properties intact due to the exhaustive care we demand from our organic beekeepers at Vivaorganique.

Its dominant aroma is floral, more or less intense and persistent, with characteristic notes of some of the important flowers that have come to form part of its harvest: fruity if it has rosaceae, phenolic if it has labiatae, malted if it has mielatos…

Creamed honey, perfect for spreading

The “cremated honey” is a honey of fine crystallization that remains stable in time and allows its use for spreading without spilling the product, in addition to maintaining the qualities achieved over time.

It is assumed that raw honey is used to make it, that is, as it is extracted from the hive without having undergone subsequent heating or pasteurization processes. What we know as pure honey.

In order to turn it into cream, it is submitted to a cold mechanical process that does not involve the addition of any external substance.

In this way, the size of the honey crystals is reduced, which are ground and beaten little by little until the desired creamy texture is achieved. By not heating the product, none of the properties of pure honey are lost.

In Vivaorganique we beat the Raw Honey in cold by means of a soft process, until the honey reaches its exact point, a creamy and consistent texture, with a lot of body, that maintains all its properties intact. In this way we achieve that the honey can be consumed and spread in a very easy way, leaving an exquisite texture to the palate.

Do you want to try our honey?

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