New video VivaOrganique Food for your Soul

Let’s fight together for a real change!

In our new video we wanted to leave in a very clear and very visual way our principles that we detail below,  enjoy it!

We are VivaOrganique and we strive for balance with nature that is why we produce food for your soul.

We fight for the future of our planet and the need to reconnect with it.

We struggle to go back to our origins, because we got lost along the way and we lost our way.

We fight for local organic suppliers because therein lies the truth of sustainable agriculture.

We fight for healthy foods that go from the ground to your table without chemical procedures or additives.

We fight for Mother Nature, so that we don’t kill her slowly with poisons that suffocate her spirit and her resources.

We are VivaOrganique and we need your fight to change towards and organic and balanced world, that  reconnects us with mother nature, with the roots, with the earth, with healthy and authentic products that preserver its smell and flavor.

Food for your Soul

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