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Only raw honey, made by our bees

At VivaOrganique we are passionate about bee honey, which is why we work to offer you only pure, unmixed and unpasteurised honey, with a coarse filtering process so as not to lose the properties and benefits of an organic honey produced by native bees, the Apis mellifera iberiensis.

Our honeys are made from the nectar of flowers, sap and pollen of different plants from natural areas. Only with a local and sustainable beekeeping we can preserve our ecosystem and guarantee you a honey with an intense and natural flavour.

Each jar is a snapshot that captures the flowers, the climate, and the landscape from which it comes.

Why raw?

Our honey is not subjected to heat treatment or filtration, during the extraction and conditioning process, which allows us to maintain all the richness and added value of the particles that can accompany the honey (pollen and propolis).

Why ecological?

Surely you have noticed that in the last few years the term “ecological” has become very fashionable, are you clear about what ecological is? Is it the same as bio? And organic? Let’s take it one step at a time:

A certified organic food is one that has been produced according to established guidelines.. How? Well, starting with not exploiting the land until it is exhausted, taking advantage of the natural climate to grow the food in season. The seeds must also come from natural lands without any kind of contamination.

The term ecological is used for food that has not been genetically altered, in case you didn’t know. Some of the food we eat has been genetically modified in some way, for example, to last longer, need less water or grow faster.

In the production of certified organic food, no products are used that are harmful to our health, such as herbicides or pesticides.

Now that you are clear that it is an organic food, let’s focus on organic honey and its characteristics.

    • Our apiaries are located in completely natural enclaves, the greatest floral diversity in Europe is used by our bees to make our honeys.
    • The honey is only harvested once or twice a year when it has the necessary ripening time in the hives and in line with the natural cycles of the landscape and the hive.
    • The hives are made of natural materials such as wood or cork..

After a long time of study, we have managed to offer you an exquisite product, without mixing honeys, without heating them, without using transfer pumps or other machinery that manipulates the honey in excess for packaging and without filtering it. We make a careful cold packing so that enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, pollen and other components of the honey remain intact in each of the jars of VIvaOrganique.

Innovation and tradition

We are aware that we belong to a traditional world and that honey has been traded for about 9000 years in the Mediterranean culture. However, we know that, through innovation from the hive to the table, the small details will make our honeys more exquisite, more pure and, therefore, our work will not only be a product to consume, but a culture to live in.

Traditional beekeeping: an alliance between man and nature

Our main objective is to always offer the consumer a natural product that takes advantage of the richness of our ecosystems and our bees.

We look for characteristic landscapes, where the flowering is adapted to our severe climate, fleeing from large populations, highways and busy roads, far from the extensions of intensive crops. These ecosystems, in which man has lived together respectfully for centuries, are ideal for carrying out traditional beekeeping with which our native bees (Apis mellifera iberiensis) produce a honey loaded with flavour, pollen, essences, amino acids and enzymes.


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