Organic olive oil: characteristics and benefits

More and more people are concerned about leading a healthy lifestyle and, at the same time, taking care of the environment. For this reason, many choose to buy organic products, also called ECO or BIO. Thus, organic olive oil is becoming a revolution in the market. You want to know why?

Characteristics of organic olive oil.
We can highlight the origin of this type of oil, whose olives are always extracted from organic crops where pesticides are not used. During the transport of the olives, they cannot be in contact with anything that is not ecological, that is, they cannot suffer cross contamination.

The same happens with the grinding in the mills, the tasting and the classification of the oil. This process should not be affected by pesticides or external chemicals.

With this, we ensure the production of 100% olive oil made with organic raw material and certified with a seal of authenticity, complying with European regulations.
Benefits of organic olive oil.

On the one hand, we must highlight its flavor that, being 100% natural, allows each aroma it gives off and each sensation it produces on our palates to be appreciated.
On the other hand, since it does not contain chemicals, it makes it a healthier oil. With a high oleic acid content, it is an essential source of monounsaturated fats, beneficial for our body.

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