The many uses of Cinnamon

Cinnamon its usually used to give new flavors and sensations to our favorites desserts or to give a different and exotic touch to our food. But cinnamon has plenty of facts and different uses not so many people know. Here we will show you the most common uses , beauty and healthcare uses of cinnamon.

First of all, “Ceylon” or true cinnamon is grown in Sri Lanka. The harvest of the cinnamon tree consists of detaching the bark or husk from the stem. The first harvest is made after three or four years and then every two years, twice a year, between the months of May and June and in October.

To remove the bark from the branches, two cuts are made along them and the bark is cleared with the help of a sharp tool.

The freshly harvested bark is exposed to the sun for a day, so that it begins to dry and roll up, until it has the shape of a tube. Immediately afterwards and to have more compact tubes, one tube is grouped on top of another starting with the thinnest ones until forming a tube with several layers, taking care that the last layer is the most presentable.

Some interesting facts about cinnamon:

During the Ancient Egypt, cinnamon was used in embalming. Cinnamon prize was really high among ancient nations and was regarded as a gift for monarchs. Also, this spice has been used in traditional medicine.

Cinnamon health benefits: diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, memory function, leukemia, lymphoma, Increases blood flow, Anti-micobial properties, Increases collagen production and its Anti-oxidant.

Beauty uses:

Acne and Blemishes, Blackheads, helps to freshen your breath, lighten your hair and to plump your lips among many other things.

Healthcare Uses:

Helps to reduce arthritis pain, avoid bladder infections, helps tp boost blood circulation, helps top avoid indigestion, its a great treatment for insects bites, helps to ease menstrual pain, also helps to relieve any kind of pain, soothe stomachache, helps to avoid urinary tract infections, reduce weight, fight to yeast infections and helps to lower diabetes.

As you can see, cinnamon its a great and not knowed spice that apart from been an incredible and delicious spice, also as plenty of healthcare and beauty uses that not so many people know.

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