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We are now a proud member of IFOAM Organics!

At Vivaorganique we are very proud to be part of IFOAM Organic International. We are always looking for inspiration from the best references to achieve the highest level of quality of our products and to be proud of what we do.

Do you know IFOAM - Organics International?

IFOAM – Organics International is an NGO that promotes truly sustainable food production systems through the consumption of organic agriculture. We advocate a holistic approach to food production based on the principles of health, ecology, equity and care.

Founded in 1972 IFOAM – Organics International is an agent of change working towards truly sustainable food production systems through the consumption of organic agriculture.

From training and facilitating farmers’ transition to organic agriculture, to raising public awareness and advocating for sustainable policies, everything we do is intended to strengthen the organic movement and lead its advancement.

Building capacity and supply

As the demand for organic products is increasing faster than the amount of land available, it is essential to encourage new sources of supply. We work on behalf of the organic movement to facilitate organic development as an initiator and implementer of creative and agile projects.

In partnership with development and donor agencies, regional associations and related institutions, we promote the adoption of organic practices as sustainable solutions to poverty, food insecurity, soil erosion, biodiversity decline and climate change.

Defend policies and ensure systems that promote sustainable agriculture

We know that the wider political environment can either hinder the development of the organic sector or help it to flourish. Regulatory frameworks determine how organic products can be marketed worldwide and therefore have a major impact on the development of the organic market. That’s why we put a lot of energy into advocating for organics at local, national and UN levels, along with our training and supply work.

For decades, we have advised policy makers, national organic movements, NGOs and others on strategies to develop sustainable and credible organic sectors. We show how agricultural systems based on the principles of health, ecology, equity and care can address hunger, energy consumption, pollution, climate change, inequality and resource depletion

More than 800 members worldwide

We have over 800 members in more than 120 countries, including farmers’ associations, retailers, certifiers, processors and others. Every three years we organize a General Assembly where our members meet to shape the direction we take as the common voice of the organic movement.

Our strength and credibility derives from our broad base of members committed to the organic cause. We know that by joining forces with like-minded people we can bring about more positive changes in food systems around the world.

Author: Jennifer Black, Campaign and Communications Coordinator at IFOAM Organics International

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